Great starts for Menyhert Krózser

Great starts for Menyhert Krózser

﹡ July 7-10, 2022, FIA European Karting Championship round 4, Franciacorta (Italy) OK category

Menyhert Krózser had  very good starts at the final round of the FIA European Karting Championship in Franciacorta, Italy. Unfortunately for the HUMDA Academy driver, this was not reflected in his results, as he struggled with engine problems throughout, being pushed out twice, retiring once due to a stuck throttle, and other technical problems. So despite some of his best form this year, he was unable to qualify for the OK Senior final. 

Menyhert Krózser made a big step forward two weeks ago in the final round of the Champions of the Future Euro Series, also held in Franciacorta. The MHH Kart Team driver had missed several races this spring due to illness, putting him at a disadvantage compared to his rivals in understanding the rather unique way MG tyres behave. He was working on this two weeks ago, and was looking forward to the European Championship season finale to turn his experience into results. 

His pace was very good in Thursday’s free practice. But by qualifying he had lost three tenths. Technical support provider Ward Racing adjusted the carburettor, but this did not have the desired effect. In addition, the rubber tread on the new set of tyres practically disintegrated within three laps. As a result, the 71-strong OK Senior class he finished 19th in its qualifying group and 57th overall. 

Photo: MHH Kart Team // Menyhért Krózser

He tried to improve during the heats, starting very well in each of them, gaining several positions, but then he kept dropping back after struggling with engine problems. In the first heat he was left with a long gearbox in his kart, which left him with no chance of catching up with his rivals. On top of that, he was pushed out in this race. 

The second heat was not much better. Here the gearbox was good, but he was pushed out again. In the fourth heat, he was eliminated by a stuck gas bowden. In the two remaining heats he finished 13th and 15th. 

Ward Racing changed two engines in the run up to the superfinal, but the pace just wouldn’t come. Menya made another good start, pulling away and gaining several positions before slowly dropping back. In the end, he finished 21st, which gave him 54th overall, so the driver, who was racing with HUMDA Hungarian Motorsport and Green Mobility Development Agency. 

“It was a difficult weekend for us,” said Menya Krózser. I had a good start in all the races, which I’m happy about because it shows my progress. I was pushed out twice and once my throttle was stuck. It was quite difficult to save the situation, I managed it, but I still had to pull out of that race. 

In the super race, the same thing happened as in the heats, I started well and then gradually fell back. Two weeks ago, at the Champions of the Future season finale, we were more competitive. On the positive side, I was in good shape and did what I had to do.

We are now preparing for the World Championships in September. I hope that our technique will be more competitive there and I can show my skills.”

Menyhért Krózser, MHH Kart Team, OK (Senior) results

Participants: 71
Qualifying Practice Series: P19
Qualifying Practice: P57
Qualifying Heat CD: P20
Qualifying Heat CF: P21
Qualifying Heat CE: P15
Qualifying Heat AC: P23 (DNF)
Qualifying Heat BC: P13
Intermediate Classification: P60
Super Heat B: P21
Final Intermediate Classification: P54

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