Menyhért Krózser: Difficult weekend, but there is a solution

Menyhért Krózser: Difficult weekend, but there is a solution

﹡ September 30-October 2, 2022, WSK Open Cup, Lonato (Italy) 

Menyhért Krózser had one of the toughest weekends of his career at the WSK Open Cup in Lonato, Italy. Two weeks earlier, the HUMDA Academy driver had excellent performance in the FIA World Championship Super Heat and Final. But now, on a dry track, the team could not find the pace and an accident sealed the fate of the Hungarian driver. He showed his speed on a wet track, but the weekend’s events really upset him. 

Menyhért Krózser and Spanish DPK Racing came to the WSK Open Cup in Lonato with high hopes. In just over a month of working together they have become increasingly successful. Already their first race at the end of August, an Italian championship event, went well, and in the FIA World Championship they were clearly fighting their way to the front of the OK field. 

Foto: MHH Kart Team // Menyhért Krózser

That is why much was expected of the WSK Open Cup, which attracted an OK field of 30. But already in the free practice it was clear that on the technical Lonato track, with the Lecont tyres did not have the pace they had two weeks ago on the fast asphalt of Sarno with MG tyres. 

Things were a little better in the rain on Friday, Menya qualified P15 and then improving seven positions in the first Qualifying Heat to move up to P8. At that point, it looked like a top 5 finish could be on the cards for the weekend. But the track dried up by Saturday and he was unable to improve in the other two heats.

In the semi-final there were three different crashes in the first three corners after the start. Menya avoided the first two, but had to drive onto the grass in the third, which dropped him to last position. In the final, he started from the back of the field and was pushed out twice, finishing P22 on a very difficult weekend. 

Foto: MHH Kart Team // Menyhért Krózser

Despite all the trials and tribulations, the 14-year-old Hungarian driver did not blame the conditions. 

“We had a difficult weekend, our package didn’t work at all on a dry track, but I have the feeling that I couldn’t give a good performance either,” said Menyhért Krózser. 

“We expected much more from ourselves. Over the last two races I’ve gotten to know the team very well. During the two weekends in Sarno we had good ideas and our pace was very good. We put a lot of work into this weekend, but it didn’t pay off. The only thing we can do is work even harder to be fast on the technical tracks. For sure DPK Racing wants to win and so do I. 

Menyhért Krózser
Foto: MHH Kart Team // Menyhért Krózser

I was very sympathetic to the team’s approach to a difficult weekend and I think we can find a solution together. I am sure we will be faster in the next race in Lonato.”

Menyhért Krózser, who is racing with the help of the HUMDA Hungarian Motorsport and Green Mobility Development Agency, will next race in Lonato in mid-November, at the second round of the WSK Final Cup. 

Menyhért Krózser, MHH Kart Team, OK (Senior) results

Participants: 30
Qualifying Practice: P16
Qualifying Heat 1: P8
Qualifying Heat 2: P24
Qualifying Heat 3: P22
Intermediate Classificacion: P15
Prefinal: P24
Final P22

Partners of the MHH Kart Team:

Metál Hungária Holding Zrt., Carsystem Hungária Kft., HUMDA Academy, HUMDA Hungarian Motorsport and Green Mobility Development Agency, GR Motorsport