Menyhért Krózser is already testing for the World Championship

Menyhért Krózser is already testing for the World Championship

﹡ August 1, 2022, Sarno (Italy), test, OK category


The biggest event in karting is the FIA World Championship, will take place in mid-September. The OK (Senior) field is already in a fever and preparing for the event. Menyhért Krózser, driver of HUMDA Academy, started his preparations with a test at the end of July. 

„The World Championship is being held in Sarno, so everyone who can is already testing on this track,” said Menya Krózser. 

„On the one hand, I last raced on this track in March, so it was good to get a feel for the lines, the curves and the braking distances. 

It was also important to test in the hot weather. The last time I raced here it was in cool and the grip conditions are quite different in the heat. I expect similar heat for the World Championship in September. It will still be almost summer around Naples.”

In addition to gaining experience, the test was also physically rewarding for Menya, who raced with the help of HUMDA Hungarian Motorsport and Green Mobility Development Agency. 

„It’s true for karting, as it is for any technical sport, that the more you drive, the more confident you become. And karting has a speciality: it requires muscles that are difficult to strengthen in other conditions, and the best training is to go karting. 

I think we’ve made the most of these three days, and we’ll soon continue our preparations for the World Championship.”

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