Menyhért Krózser prepares for the World Championship in Italy

Menyhért Krózser prepares for the World Championship in Italy

﹡ August 25, 2022, Preview ACI Italian Karting Championship round 4, Sarno (Italy) OK category


Menyhért Krózser will take part in the round 4 of the ACI Italian Karting Championship in Sarno, near Naples, to test under live conditions at the track that will host the FIA World Karting Championship in two weeks’ time. The HUMDA Academy driver will have his work cut out for him, as most of the world championship field will be lining up for the event, and he will also be making his debut for his new team DPK Racing.

The FIA World Karting Championship will take place from 15-18 September in Sarno, near Naples. The track has already held a collective test for the World Championship field in early August, which will be repeated a week before the race, but only simulates practice conditions, not race situations. 

Photo: MHH Kart Team // Menyhért Krózser

The round 4 of the Italian Automobile Federation (ACI) karting championship, which will take place on the last weekend of August, also in Sarno, is an excellent opportunity to do just that. Menyhért Krózser, who will be competing in the OK category with the help of HUMDA Hungarian Motorsport and Green Mobility Development Agency continues his preparations for the World Championship. 

He will also make his debut in the Italian championship race with his new team, DPK Racing, which bears the name of Fernando Alonso.

„The world championship is in three weeks’ time, and this is our last opportunity to race before that,” said Menyhért Krózser. „We tested in Sarno earlier this month, but the track is always different at race weekends because of the rubber and it’s a better time to practice race situations. 

Photo: MHH Kart Team // Menyhért Krózser

There are 31 of us in the OK category, practically everyone is from the World Championship field, so it won’t be an easy race. 

This weekend will also be a good opportunity to settle in with the DPK Racing team, so far everything is going well. Even though it’s a test race, I’m going to fight like I would in any other race.”

Official website of the race can be find here.

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